We recommend pairing it with a Marino Gin Tonic.

Plateau Royal pairs with an Oyster gin and tonic
€ 37

Fish crudités our way, any additions €5 per piece.

Like in a Bistro
€ 21

Trilogy of oysters and glass of Champagne.

Purple prawn tartare paired with a marine gin
€ 18

Purple prawn from Gallipoli, mirepoix of fruit and basil.

Tuna tartare
€ 15

Yellowfin tuna, basil, Frantoio Orlandi EVO oil.

The tartare tasting
€ 30

Yellow fin tuna, Marzara del Vallo red shrimp and Gallipoli purple shrimp

Ox-eye prawns
€ 21

Flambéed prawns, fried egg, Moliterno with truffle, Acqualagna truffle.

The browned scallops
€ 18

Browned and breaded scallops with pistachio flour, potato cream with mirror cuttlefish ink and Alpine petal flowers.

Cod heart
€ 18

Cod fillet cooked at low temperature on black bean cream flavored with rosemary and smoked bacon crumbs.

Browned octopus tentacles
€ 18

Pan-fried octopus tentacles on a pesto of aromatic herbs, almonds and pine nuts.

Baked anchovy pie
€ 13

Anchovy pie au gratin, stuffed with black olives and stale bread flavored with louija and goat cheese.

Savory brioche and Parma breech
€ 17

Savory brioche filled with smoked burrata and julienned caramelized Tropea onion, red turnip and selection of Culatta di Parma.

Discover our cellar


First dishes
The "Queen of the Sibillini" linguine
€ 18

Linguine “Regina dei Sibillini” prawn tails, chopped pistachios and lime.

Red turnip tortelli Dough by hand
€ 18

Tortelli with red turnip pastry, filled with lime-scented Venetian cod mousse, sautéed with noisette butter and toasted poppy seeds.

Iron macaroni Hand dough
€ 23

Typical Calabrian pasta format with sea urchin, stripped crab, aubergine, orange extract with its own peel, at the end of cooking purple prawn tartare

Potato logs Hand dough
€ 18

Potato logs, shelled and pan-fried mussels with a trilogy of cherry tomatoes, basil and pecorino.

Vegetarian Spaghettone "Queen of the Sibillini".
€ 15

Spaghettone with braised red radicchio, pecorino di Moliterno aged with truffles and flakes of black truffle from Acqualagna.

Risottos with “nuvola” rice from Casteldario
Saffron risotto Min.2 try it with gin elektro
€ 18

Saffron risotto, julienne of squid and carpaccio of raw scallop marinated in citrus fruits and chilli pepper threads at the end of cooking. We recommend pairing it with a Gin Tonic prepared with Gin Elektro with Saffron.

Truffle risotto Min.2
€ 18

Risotto with white Lambrusco from Mantua, red onion from Tropea, pecorino from Moliterno and black truffle from Acqualagna.

Gourmet catfish risotto Min.2
€ 18

Risotto all'onda with hand-pulped catfish, untreated lemon juice with its peel and at the end of cooking salmon trout caviar.

Risotto with Mantuan pumpkin Min.2
€ 15

Mantuan pumpkin risotto, Bonarda wine reduction, cheese fondue and purple cabbage cream.

Seafood second courses
Baked sea bass millefeuille
€ 25

Millefeuille of filleted sea bass, stuffed with potatoes, olives, pecorino and aubergine.

Smoked baked ombina
€ 25

Baked croaker fillet with smoked bacon, grilled courgettes and pecorino cheese

Crispy tuna
€ 21

Sliced ​​tuna with breadcrumbs, Japanese panko bread croquettes on sweet and sour vegetable caponata.

Conchigliata del Conero
€ 28

Tasting of bivalve molluscs deliciously baked au gratin.

Like on the Riviera
€ 31

Roasted fish in the Adriatic style with prawn, scampi, filleted sea bass and scallop, all baked in the oven with a light gratin.

Second courses of land
Sliced ​​fillet with truffle
€ 23

Pan-seared sliced ​​beef fillet with Maldon salt flakes and Acqualagna black truffle at the end of cooking.

Fillet with Marsala
€ 23

Pan-seared beef fillet with semi-dry Marsala reduction.

Side Dishes
Grilled vegetables
€ 7
Potatoes sautéed with rosemary
€ 7

Mixed salad
€ 7

Parsley potatoes
€ 7

The Crème Violette
€ 8

Cooked cream with infusion of violet petals and crunchy biscuit.
To enhance the dessert we recommend pairing it with a glass of Fred Jerbis violet liqueur.

Basil panna cotta
€ 8

Delicate panna cotta with fresh basil infusion, served with raspberry culis and a crunchy biscuit crumble

The white eat almond
€ 8

Typical spoon dessert made with almond milk, with salted caramel and dried fruit crunch

DOP Gorgonzola semifreddo
€ 8

Semifreddo based on Gorgonzola DOP creamed with honey and Marsala, Mantua sbrisolona crumble and Pedro Ximenez sherry gel. We recommend pairing it with a glass of white Pineau de Charante, a partially fermented wine must mixed with cognac.

A tribute to Mantua
€ 8

Sbrisolona from Mantua and homemade zabaglione ice cream, all paired with sour cherry wine.

Chocolate and more...
Petronio wine pralines
€ 15

Delicate pralines with dark chocolate shell filled with Vernaccia di Serrapetrona must icing. The pralines are a production of the award-winning Quaquarini chocolate shop in Serrapetrona. The pralines are combined with a choice of Rum, Ratafià or Williams pear distillate with captive pear.

chocolate truffles cold
€ 10

Selection of banana, coconut, candied orange and classic chocolate truffles, all paired with French Williams pear brandy, served cold.

Botran Rum 18 years old
& puffed spelled puffs
€ 15

Guatemalan rum from Casa Botran 18 years old Solera method and selection of Quacquarini chocolaterie from Serrapetrona, choice of spelled puffs dipped in milk or dark chocolate, 50 gram portion.

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