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Restaurant at the weighbridge


Trattoria alla Pesa opened on 17 April 1997 in the historic location in Fagnano di Trevenzuolo.
The idea of ​​creating a unique culinary experience was born from Gian Luca Farinazzo and Lorena Migliorini. Their decision to settle in Fagnano almost seems like destiny. As teenagers, they both frequented the club, Lorena as a waitress and Gian Luca as a visitor. In 1997, the characteristic of the restaurant was clear: to create a seafood cuisine proposal in an area where land cuisine was predominant. Despite the difficulties, the determination of chef Gian Luca and the determination of his wife Lorena have meant that in almost 17 years Trattoria alla Pesa has become a point of reference for all lovers of seafood cuisine, offered in a familiar environment and at the same time elegant.

In 2007, the Farinazzo family decided to make a significant change to Trattoria alla Pesa. Their son Federico, after completing his studies at the Scaligero University, brought his knowledge of viticultural and oenological sciences and technologies to the daily management of the restaurant. Between 2007 and 2013, Trattoria alla Pesa developed a conscious and reasoned consumption of wine, gradually abandoning the classic draft wine in favor of bottled wine and creating a varied and thoughtful proposal in relation to quality-price. In 2012, after Lorena's untimely death, her second daughter Giulia joined the family to carry on her mother's legacy. Giulia was able to overcome the pain of the loss of her mother, giving a young character to the kitchen and facing her difficulties with determination and courage. Currently, Giulia takes care of the reception and management of the restaurant room, as well as an idealist of new dishes and combinations.


In 2015, Trattoria alla Pesa ended its operations in the Fagnano headquarters and moved to the picturesque Corte Italia, a new challenge aimed at offering a better offer and quality. The restaurant is located inside the historic home of the Murari Bra' family, in Sorgà in the province of Verona. The move was motivated by the desire to offer a restaurant in line with the times, capable of satisfying various needs, from business lunches to weddings, thanks to the absolutely private rooms and large green spaces available, ideal for any type of ceremony. The new project has the ambition of becoming the point of reference for catering in the Veronese plain, enhancing the small but historically important center of Sorgà, where the Gonzaga family chose their properties for their summer holidays. The Farinazzo family and the Murari Bra' family wish everyone a pleasant stay at the Trattoria alla Pesa, Naturally Diversi since 1997.

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